TELE-OPERATOR® IRIS v.3 Media archiving system

Many people and organizations like authorities, libraries, political parties, etc. are interested in long term preserving of online radio and TV media content available for the public in order to facilitate future searches, voice and video analysis and processing.

TELE-OPERATOR® IRIS v.3 provides this capability.

The system purpose is to record radio and television channels in digital video format. The recording workstations capture the TV and radio stations signals (hereafter encoders). The encoders record in 24/7, they digitalize the AV or the RF signals with a special video capture card and/or store multichannel MPEG TS streams. For online internet radios our World Receiver provides up to 5000 radio stations continuous recording. All encoders are automate and self-sufficing, so network failures, lost connection with the server does not influence their operation.

Many type of input possibilities:

  • Fee radio and TV programs stored as Transport Streams together with multilingual audio
  • Scrambled TV programs, descrambled by SP’s set top boxes or demodulators with CI cards
  • Internet radio stations stored as mp3 with RDS like tagging processed separately

Regularly the IRIS server copies the material to the Storage (typically daily), after that IRIS creates subtitle file for the video (the file includes the channel identification, the date and the time code). The audiovisual material becomes accessible via the IRIS-server Samba partition. When the Storage free capacity decreases under a predefined level, the system creates virtual cassettes, unit of video files, which can be exported by the operator via the Backup server to LTO drive for long term preservation.

Output possibilities:

  • Predefined period of latest online recordings available for operators downloading
  • Archived (taped) recordings available after reloading for operator processing
  • Compressed audio material and low FPS thumbnail availability for searches and immediate access