FAX and Telephone technology equipment

TELE-OPERATOR® UTS v.9 telephone technology measurements

Calibrated measurement of billing system accuracy, ITU P.862 PESQ + speech quality measurement on analogue interface of wired, VoIP and mobile networks.

UTS v.9 MOS services
  1. Speech quality measurement
    1. UTS loopback
    2. UTS –UTS
    3. UTS – UTS server
  2. Oneway measurements
    1. Independent from caller– called
    2. One measurement at a time
  3. Mérési sorozatok – max. 1000 calls in one measurement
  4. Timed measurements – any number of measurements with start time
  5. Remote Desktop – in IP network

TELE-OPERATOR® UTS v.9 FAX measurements

Dialer measurements, transmission and reception reporting according to ITU-T T.30 standard, between fax server-client or client-client.

UTS v.9 MOS FAX server services
  1. Send Fax to BIX fax probe number
  2. Save Fax as image
  3. Making automatic FAX_TRANSMISSION report
  4. Receiving a FAX from BIX FAX probe number to a fax machine connected to a subscriber number (ITU test charts optional)
  5. Making automatic FAX_RECEIVER report
  6. Downloading report from FAX measurement server, storing measurement data in SQL database