Field IPTV equipment

TELE-OPERATOR® UTS v.14 Field IPTV measurements

Our company first supplied UTS v.14 Field measuring instruments for the introduction of IPTV in Hungary, which was purchased in the quantity hundreds by Magyar Telekom (subsidiary of Deutche Telekom) and Invitel.

What we measure?

– Channel traffic and utilization if there is no overload
– Media index (delay, data loss) if acceptable
– Reaction times (channel change, video stop, start) if acceptable
– Video Content Quality (PID Speed, Continuity, Duplication)
– Astronomical Time Sync (Billing, Delay)
– Documentation, possibility of further analysis

  1. Purpose: reliable on-site QoS measurements
  2. Portable design
  3. Automatic and detailed interface
  4. Simple certification
  5. Observation type measurement
  6. Easy to use (manual and time measurement)
  7. Complete documentability
  8. Laptop + software + key + probe
  9. Kalibration
  10. Handle time variance (1 s data series)
  11. Collaboration with UTS Precise Time Base System
  12. Measuring Location (Logging GPS Coordinates)
  13. Watermarked Report Protection