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Expert Witness services

Since 2010 our company is a registered Expert witness company. We provide expert witness services in the following areas:

  • wired electronic communications;
  • software;
  • design and organization of IT systems;
  • IT security;
  • electromagnetic compatibility (EMC);
  • electronic communication measurement technology;
  • computer hardware, computers, peripherals and local area networks (hardware);
  • manufacture of measuring instruments;
  • manufacturing of telecommunication products and equipments;
  • digital broadcasting.


Analysis of service and quality complaints in the fields of electronics, telecommunications, Internet and electronic commerce; Telecommunications and IT fraud, attacks, accidents; Backup and analysis of PCs, servers, telephones, alarms, navigation devices; Technical valuation and analysis of software, tools, networks, damages and companies; QoS; Laboratory testing of electronic hardware; Warranty investigations; Internet, TV and Telephone operation, measurements and error management; Technical valuation of tools and networks; 20 years of practice in the field of telecommunication private designing and expert witness; Our registered expert witness company works with 1 expert and 5 registered expert candidates.

Expert Witness datasheet
Registered Expert Witness company