COMPU-CONSULT Kft.Our team, in cooperation with its partners works together to provide win-win business solutions to make IPTV service a successful business in your portfolio.

IPTV service is a sensitive, integrated system, which spreads through the service provider's infrastructure. We help you sell more in your existing IPTV network without much investment.

We are independent of all suppliers of the IPTV infrastructure ranging from headend to set-top boxes. Owning an extensive knowledge of measurement tools and methodologies to solve problems, we provide independent, "sine ira et studio" IPTV auditing and consulting services.

In facts we trust.

Combining your measurement technology with our proprietary tools and techniques, we provide a clear, factual view of your current IPTV service situation.

We believe that in IPTV service excellence the main factor is the human factor, which needs continuous, quality training. Our mission is to help you on the road towards improved IPTV services.

35 years of excellence in Telecommunication Services

“...In facts we trust. Contracted service quality is not only about numbers, but also about consequences.”

dr. Zoltán Darabos

Zoltan works as CEO since 1990 leading various telecommunication companies. His experience ranges from development engineering till operation of telecommunication services.

In his freetime, he is a bowling player, and regularly collects awards from competitions.